05 September 2008

Wants and Needs

Here is a little something original. I wrote this a few years ago and just stumbled across it while rummaging through old files trying to clean up my drive. I was probably high or drunk (maybe not drunk; this is too coherent for a soused writer like me) and feeling profound. Anyway, as I read it again I realize that I still hold some of these beliefs. I guess I haven't changed as much as I thought I have since then.
Want is the desire to fill need.

Most people don’t understand this. Most people view need as the superior to want. Everyone agrees that want is a desire; but most people think that need is something beyond human control, beyond human manipulation.

‘Tis not so. Need is not above want. It is the other way around. Want is beyond anything in the world, anything in existence.

I’ve come to this conclusion after analyzing the standard interpretation of want and need. What put me on to this subject of thought was the idea of value. I know that my life is pointless, so is everybody elses. There is no purpose, no point, no value in this life. The only value that exists is that which we create.

The general consensus is that for people to feel valued they must be needed. I feel differently. For me to feel valued I must be wanted. For people to need me gives me no value; at least not to myself. Everybody needs other people, but when somebody, or other people, want you, you become a commodity in demand. It’s basic economics. When I am in demand I am of value, both to myself and to others. Anybody can satisfy a need, but only those who strive to please and fulfill the needs of others are wanted. The only way to place any value on oneself is to be desired by others.

It’s simple, really. When others need you they just utilize you because you will do the job. You will suffice. I don’t want to suffice. I want to go beyond expectations, to go beyond need. When you are wanted others desire you; others will go out of their way to use you.

It’s far to common, people being used just because they are available. We see it everyday. Relationships, jobs, friendships. They are all out of need.


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