23 October 2008


I've had about enough of the complaint that the media is unfair in the coverage of the Presidential candidates.

Honest, I just heard a Fox News employee say that he has been in the media for 10+ years and that the media is absolutely biased (except for Fox News, you know, because they're "fair and balanced"). Well that's a shocker! For some crazy reason I thought the media had my best interests in mind. I mean, why would they be concerned about drawing the largest audience possible to make profits from advertisers? The media wants to bring me the truth. Anyone who believes that is a damn fool.

On top of telling us something that any intelligent person already knew, this guy goes on to complain that bias causes unfair coverage of the candidates and the "liberal media's" excessive positive coverage of Barrack Obama is going to discourage McCain supporters and thus ultimately shape the outcome of the elction in favor of Obama! Are you serious! I didn't really just hear that.

I guess that the biggest problem I have is the supposed premise behind this type of complaint. For whatever reason, some people seem to think that the media has a responsibility to the public to be fair and balanced. I'm not sure if I believe media outlets have any responsibility to the public. They are competitive firms, offering a product to people who desire it. The cost to the consumer is advertisements, which firms make a tidy profit from. End of story. They can get up and say anything they want, spin the facts any way they wish and endorse (implicitly or explicitly) whomever they prefer. Don't whine about unfair coverage and the possible effects on voters actions as a result. If McCain supporters are going to admit defeat and not cast their ballot because the media made it look like a landslide victory for Obama then so be it. They're responsible for their own actions (however stupid those actions may be). But don't get up and whine about fairness because things aren't going your way.

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