11 November 2008


It's odd how the mind wanders. I was watching television when I saw a suit against the drug Seroquel. I'd never heard of it, so off to Wikipedia for knowledge. While reading about Seroquel's uses (antipsychotic drug used for schizophrenia and bipolar disorder) I read about other drugs used to treat the same conditions. Benzodiazapenes are mentioned, and lorazepam in particular. Now I used to take lorazepam for anxiety and panic attacks. So now my focus moves to lorazepam and it's uses and side-effects. This brings me to a disorder I've not heard of before: depersonalization disorder (DPD). After reading about it for a bit I acknowledge various similarities between DPD and the way I often feel. And finally I come across this quote in the Wikipedia article:
I find myself regarding existence as though from beyond the tomb, from another world; all is strange to me; I am, as it were, outside my own body and individuality; I am depersonalized, detached, cut adrift. Is this madness?
So, the point? I'm not sure what the point is, but I know that reality and consciousness are wildly difficult things to fully comprehend and understand; and that is a great thing.

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