17 December 2008

A day of excitement

The Runnin' Rebels come through brilliantly and it snows all day long in Las Vegas! What a day!

Up until today I haven't seen any real excitement in any of the Rebels performances. Come to think of it, even last year didn't impress me that much. But tonight. Oh yes, I saw some things I really liked tonight.

Rene Rougeau has been catching my eye every game since the start of this season, and after tonight's performance I'm ready to ask for his jersey for Christmas. He hustles every damn game; plays his heart out, scores points and gets boards.

DID YOU SEE THE OOP?!? Damn that was sick! The feed to Santee down low for the dunk was also great! Then there were a couple of flat-out rejections on the Broncos. I was jumping up and down in front of my TV screaming silently at every exciting play that happened. It's good to see the Rebels asserting themselves and really demonstrating some good, selfless teamwork and exciting basketball. Wink seems to be coming out of his slump and Joe Darger is finally making some three's. Bellfield is looking good, as is Willis. All around the team was just looking much better.

As Coach Kruger was heard saying in practice on Tuesday: "We have to dictate more!...We have to deny!" And we certainly showed tonight a little bit that we are capable. Let's keep it up Rebels and dominate Arizona on Saturday!

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