11 February 2009

The Re-Birthday

I turned 24 at 9:49am today.

First, a quick run-down of the day. It was a good day. My boss and co-workers brought me a large box of donuts this morning at the office, along with a flipping sweet Napoleon Dynamite card and 100 bones. Very fine people indeed. We also lunched at the Claim Jumper in Town Square (for approximately 1.5 hours, which makes the workday feel much shorter even though it's only 30 min more than usual). Pepperoni pizza for dinner and a quite night at home. Not very eventful, but a great birthday all in all. Friday night will be party night; some friends and alcohol and a great time will be had.

My 23rd birthday passed without much notice (or perhaps I'm more perceptive this year), so I found myself more appreciative of the "Happy Birthday"s from friends and family. Thank you all again if you read this.

The start of this 24th year has me thinking about making some changes in how I live this life. The attitudes, habits, and conceptions that I've had for the past 5 years are in need of recalibration. So with this new year of life starting, I intend to make some resolutions and change the way I experience the world. This sort of thing is usually reserved for New Years, but why should resolutions be made only on January 1st?

The few things I intend to start with to begin changing my life:

1. Change my philosophy. I think it was Tyler Cowen who gave me this idea, either in his book Discover Your Inner Economist or on Marginal Revolution. The idea is to keep in mind the following question: "What can I do today to improve my life?" I was struck deeply by this when I first came across it. I'd never thought of my life like that before. The idea of controlling the quality of my own life experiences, given the exact same conditions, is still a profound one to me, and in my mind evidence of continuation of my enlightenment.

2. Become happier by making progress in self-development. I need to grow as a person. I'd never really comprehended that statement before, I guess I was too young. I'm now starting to catch glimpses of what this actually means. The past 3 to 4 years of my life have been like that movie Groundhog Day. I've stalled out. I'm numb. Depressed. Indifferent. In a way, it could be said that I've been insane for the past few years. It's been said that insanity is when you keep repeating the same actions while expecting different results. It's time to move forward, grow, and become a happier human being.

3. Take better care of my physical self. Stop smoking completely and for good, exercise more, eat healthier (even if just a bit at first) and take a vested interest in the condition of my vessel. Physical health greatly impacts emotional health. It also expands the list of possibile life experiences.

I'm seeking a higher quality life, and am preparing myself to take action to make this a reality. A Happy Re-Birthday to me!

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