08 March 2009


Read this transcript of a call on the Rush Limbaugh show. The hypocrisy in this is ridiculous. They're whining about the government being too involved in people's lives and telling people that they cannot succeed without government assistance. It's not really even a coherent conversation. What does her question about effective policy have to do with her buying a home? I guess she's talking about the government bailing out homeowner's and the policy solutions to the large number of foreclosures occurring.

But to my point. I bet those student loans she's repaying are government guaranteed, and I bet you that she probably couldn't have afforded college without government guaranteed student loans offering low interest rates. So where the hell does she get the gall to say that the government is rewarding underachievers and inefficiency? If she is such an achiever, as Rush tells her she is, she wouldn't need government guaranteed student loans to get through college. She could have toiled on her own and made her own success. But she chose to take the government handout, MY handout. You and I subsidized her education, and now she's going to criticize the assistance of others.

And on a side-note, buying a house right now is just stupid. Because when she get's laid off in the next year and can't afford her mortgage payment anymore it won't seem like such a smart decision to "refuse to participate" in this recession. And then she'll take the next government handout, a bail-out of her mortgage to prevent foreclosure and unemployment benefits.

Talk is cheap. Ideology is hogwash. What matters is incentives. I'm so sick of the "left" and the "right" and the "liberals" and "conservatives". They all talk a lot, but when it comes down to it their philosophies are hollow. Just an image. When it all comes down to the bottom line, people take what they can get. Costs and benefits are what matter. The rest is bull.

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