01 April 2009

Rockefeller-Snowe Measure Proposes Government Regulation of Private Cyber Security

The idea is that private networks, which control the country's infrastructre systems for things like water and electricity, are vulnerable to malicious attacks from foreigners, and therefore are a national security concern.  The measure suggests a central government agency to establish security standards and regulations for both private and military networks in order to safeguard against possible cyber-attacks.  The full story is here.

I understand the need for securing these types of networks, but one of the may costs of allowing the government to control private network security is the privacy issue, which is brought up in the last paragraph of the article.

Blair acknowledged there will be privacy concerns about centralizing cybersecurity, and he said the program should be designed in a way that gives Americans confidence that it is "not being used to gather private information."

I don't like it.  It's another encroachment on private property and privacy for the "national security."  Besides, don't the entity's that own and operate these networks have incentive to protect their investment?  Why would the government be any better at developing cyber-security than the private sector?

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