30 December 2009

The saddest thing I read today

Of course, plenty of taxpayers themselves are eager to live to see the new year. One wealthy, terminally ill real-estate entrepreneur has told his doctors he is determined to live until the law changes.

"Whenever he wakes up," says his lawyer, "He says: 'What day is it? Is it Jan. 1 yet?'"
That's from an article today in The Wall Street Journal. The estate tax for the super-wealthy is going to be non-existent in 2010, and it's really framing peoples decisions about health.
What's most depressing about the man in the quote above is that it seems his only remaining desire/purpose to live is to beat the tax. How awful.

27 December 2009

Eagles vs Broncos

The Eagles squeaked out a win today against the Broncos. Just a few things to touch on.

What the heck is happening in the 2nd half? The offense falls apart and the defense gets lackadaisical. We almost gave the game away as a result. They're acting like the Runnin' Rebels, and it's frustrating me.

Positive notes: McNabb's 27 yard rush to get a crucial 1st down! That was awesome. Hope he didn't hurt his left hamstring...he did grab it a bit at the end of the run. Oh, and let's not forget that insane catch by Jeremy Maclin! So glad they reviewed that and made sure to get the call right, because that would have been a shame if it was left ruled as incomplete, not to mention that the game probably would have went into overtime had the ruling not been corrected.

Overall I think we look pretty solid. Definitely need to get and keep the rhythm after the half though. Leaving them that close could mean a short lived run in the Playoffs.

25 December 2009

Rebels lose their second

Don't fret, the Runnin' Rebels are now 12-2 after a tough loss to USC in the Diamondhead Classic final on Christmas night, but it's going to be okay. There are a couple of things I want to address though.

First: why are we shooting so many 3-pointers if we aren't draining them? 5 for 22 tonight, that's under 25% folks. Really? QUIT SHOOTING 3's! That's a guaranteed turnover when we don't get the offensive board. Giving the ball away when the offense isn't doing squat is not going to help you win the game.

Second: 17 for 50 on FG's. That is 34%. Not an impressive offensive performance from the team tonight. Rather dismal I'd say. The ball just wasn't going down tonight. 17 for 19 on free throws though, so looking good when we get to the charity line.

In praise of the Rebels, I will say OUTSTANDING DEFENSE! Did you see that full-court pressure? Wow. I have come to expect no less from the Rebels, they play tough, hard D all game long. I'm surprised we only lost by 11 considering how poorly we were shooting. But when you look for a reason as to why it was not a complete blow-out, the defensive play is what you find. Keep it up Rebels!

So, we chalk up a loss. Shrug it off, get home, get rested, and get ready to blast BYU in Provo on January 6th.


Well, hello!

So it's been a while since I've posted. A long while. More than one person has mentioned to me how I'm not posting anymore. So, as I sit on the couch watching movies on this lovely Christmas day, I think of these remarks and think it's time to make a post.

Christmas has been great so far, a bit hungover today, but when you start drinking egg nog at noon hangovers are no longer an issue. Got some cool stuff for Christmas. A very nice Eagles sweatshirt, and a bitchin' Eagles backpack. I now have a backpack with working zippers, so no more stuff falling out. Got some cool Nautica sweaters, some sweet new running/exercise shoes, and some new books that look pretty enticing. I usually only watch Glenn Beck to find someone to disagree with, or to laugh, but I got his new book "Common Sense" (inspired by Thomas Paine no less) and am actually looking forward to reading it. I also received a book by Paulo Coelho by the name of "The Alchemist" which looks very good. And last but not least, a book about drinking. It's called "McCarthy's Bar" by Pete McCarthy. Looking forward to that one. I read a book by J.R. Moehringer called "The Tender Bar" (good book, read it) and I imagine this is similar.

So now I sit drinking egg nog and watching Christmas-themed movies. I just finished reading some posts on Marginal Revolution and am now inspired to blog again.

I also just finished an intense "argument" with my Dad about the following: free market economies-politics-racism-standards of living-cultural analogies. He didn't listen to one thing I had to say, and is still thoroughly engrossed in his own beliefs. I will try not to argue with him in the future, as it is a futile exercise. Trying to change old men's opinions is as impossible as moving a mountain. Don't even try.

For now, adieu. Talk to you shortly.