27 December 2009

Eagles vs Broncos

The Eagles squeaked out a win today against the Broncos. Just a few things to touch on.

What the heck is happening in the 2nd half? The offense falls apart and the defense gets lackadaisical. We almost gave the game away as a result. They're acting like the Runnin' Rebels, and it's frustrating me.

Positive notes: McNabb's 27 yard rush to get a crucial 1st down! That was awesome. Hope he didn't hurt his left hamstring...he did grab it a bit at the end of the run. Oh, and let's not forget that insane catch by Jeremy Maclin! So glad they reviewed that and made sure to get the call right, because that would have been a shame if it was left ruled as incomplete, not to mention that the game probably would have went into overtime had the ruling not been corrected.

Overall I think we look pretty solid. Definitely need to get and keep the rhythm after the half though. Leaving them that close could mean a short lived run in the Playoffs.

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