25 December 2009

Rebels lose their second

Don't fret, the Runnin' Rebels are now 12-2 after a tough loss to USC in the Diamondhead Classic final on Christmas night, but it's going to be okay. There are a couple of things I want to address though.

First: why are we shooting so many 3-pointers if we aren't draining them? 5 for 22 tonight, that's under 25% folks. Really? QUIT SHOOTING 3's! That's a guaranteed turnover when we don't get the offensive board. Giving the ball away when the offense isn't doing squat is not going to help you win the game.

Second: 17 for 50 on FG's. That is 34%. Not an impressive offensive performance from the team tonight. Rather dismal I'd say. The ball just wasn't going down tonight. 17 for 19 on free throws though, so looking good when we get to the charity line.

In praise of the Rebels, I will say OUTSTANDING DEFENSE! Did you see that full-court pressure? Wow. I have come to expect no less from the Rebels, they play tough, hard D all game long. I'm surprised we only lost by 11 considering how poorly we were shooting. But when you look for a reason as to why it was not a complete blow-out, the defensive play is what you find. Keep it up Rebels!

So, we chalk up a loss. Shrug it off, get home, get rested, and get ready to blast BYU in Provo on January 6th.


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