25 December 2009

Well, hello!

So it's been a while since I've posted. A long while. More than one person has mentioned to me how I'm not posting anymore. So, as I sit on the couch watching movies on this lovely Christmas day, I think of these remarks and think it's time to make a post.

Christmas has been great so far, a bit hungover today, but when you start drinking egg nog at noon hangovers are no longer an issue. Got some cool stuff for Christmas. A very nice Eagles sweatshirt, and a bitchin' Eagles backpack. I now have a backpack with working zippers, so no more stuff falling out. Got some cool Nautica sweaters, some sweet new running/exercise shoes, and some new books that look pretty enticing. I usually only watch Glenn Beck to find someone to disagree with, or to laugh, but I got his new book "Common Sense" (inspired by Thomas Paine no less) and am actually looking forward to reading it. I also received a book by Paulo Coelho by the name of "The Alchemist" which looks very good. And last but not least, a book about drinking. It's called "McCarthy's Bar" by Pete McCarthy. Looking forward to that one. I read a book by J.R. Moehringer called "The Tender Bar" (good book, read it) and I imagine this is similar.

So now I sit drinking egg nog and watching Christmas-themed movies. I just finished reading some posts on Marginal Revolution and am now inspired to blog again.

I also just finished an intense "argument" with my Dad about the following: free market economies-politics-racism-standards of living-cultural analogies. He didn't listen to one thing I had to say, and is still thoroughly engrossed in his own beliefs. I will try not to argue with him in the future, as it is a futile exercise. Trying to change old men's opinions is as impossible as moving a mountain. Don't even try.

For now, adieu. Talk to you shortly.

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