16 January 2010

Pointless Ruminations

Cassie and Steve are getting hitched today. Raul is down in Hawaii to be a part of the wedding party. I was supposed to be there, but things didn't work out with the money situation and getting the time off work. Hope they're having a great time.

Waldo and I are stuck in Vegas, but it's not so terrible because the Rebels play today at 7pm, and we will be present. A quick bite at In-N-Out, then pre-gaming in the infamous Black 3 until tip-off. Jesse, nota bene. At last Wednesday's game I was surprised with a delicious rum slush (double of course) from Eduardo when he returned from a trip to the restroom. It was exquisitely timed...either just before the end of the 1st or just after the start of the 2nd, but precisely when the buzz was starting to fade. Along with the Rebels excellent performance in the 2nd half, this kept our spirits high until it was time for the traditional post game tailgate while waiting for traffic to clear out. It was a fine evening, you would have enjoyed it.

Well, 3:30pm is the time, In-N-Out is the place, so I must go now. Adieu.

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Jesse said...

Well that sounds wonderful. I've been sitting my house watching Smallville and most certainly not enjoying pre and post game tailgates and double rum slushes, as I should be. The novelty of living in a foreign country has undoubtedly worn off, and now I enter the dark world of disenchantment!