28 January 2010


Somebody finally dealt a blow to BYU! We knew it would happen. 15 game win streak was pushing it...but I guess when you're playing marginal squads it's easy to rack up 15 in a row. #10!?! Seriously! I've been griping about BYU's position in the polls since they made an appearance. They've beaten nobody big. Nobody worthy. So how they've come to ride the wave to the #10 position is beyond my understanding.

But that's all over now. Thanks to the Lobos. What's that you say? Oh yes, you're correct, UNLV did beat the Lobos....on the road. So by the logic I see displayed in the polls that got BYU to #10, that means UNLV should slide in to the top, say, 20? Heck, how about top 10? Because we beat the team that beat the #10 team, so we must be THE BOMB! Right? Wrong.

BYU never belonged in the top 25. And if they aren't dropped on 2/1/10, we can totally disregard anything the polls have to say about college basketball. I don't know why the polls even bother me, I know that they mean absolutely nothing. I guess it's because so many others think they DO mean something. Have you ever tried to contest the thinking of an idiot? That's what it's like talking college basketball with somebody who thinks the polls mean something.

Anyway, I'm glad they finally got served a loss. Can't wait until 2/6/10 when they roll to the Mack. IT IS ON!

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