09 January 2011


I just started reading "The Final Solution" by Michael Chabon this afternoon, with my Webster's dictionary at side (provided compliments of the Clark County School District and the Honors English program of my freshman year of high school) which I use profusely when reading nowadays, as I seem to have forgotten many of the words I claim to have once known.

pastille: an aromatic or medicated lozenge

This is the word I was looking up. I note the definition on my legal pad of vocabulary words to learn/re-learn (likely a futile attempt) and then happen to glance at the next entry.

pastime: diversion; something that serves to make time pass agreeably

An interesting way to frame the description of the passage of time. There's a certain implication there. That the passing of time (I guess put more appropriately, our experience of it) is inherently painful or unpleasing. It often feels like that, when you're not doing something to distract yourself from the awful reality of the situation. I like the line from Mr. Curtis Mayfield's song "It's Alright" (covered excellently by Seal, the rendition I've been listening to lately):

"When you wake up in the morning feeling sad, like so many of us do"

That line makes me feel a bit better. There's a comfort in knowing that you are not alone in the experience. I guess the wisdom to be gleaned from this is quite simply just to live. Distract yourself as much as possible, every second that you can. Idle minds/bodies are sad ones.

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AnoMALIE said...

I totally agree, man.