23 February 2011


Wow! What a game that was.

I'm texting some folks with the game on, not really following, because we are up by 15, on the road, and I'm thinking this game is in the bag. 15 minutes to go in the 2nd half and the sounds from the television begin to sneak into my awareness.

"New Mexico making a little run? Ah, no biggie. It won't last, Rebels will keep it stretched out by 8 points." Back to the BlackBerry.

Then it continues.

"Uh oh. Wait, what the hell is going on here? No! You're letting it slip Rebels...or the Lobos are ripping that shit from your grip!" Better start watching every second.

Before I can remember we are tied. Time is running out and then the real nail-biting began. Are we actually going to lose this game! Thankfully we survived the surge and forced it into OT.

I can't say enough about Quintrell Thomas. He's just looking better and better each and every game. The offensive production inside is just fantastic. And the rebounds! My God, he was snatching those things out of the sky like nobody's business.

Tre'Von was strokin' it! Can't remember the last time he was keeping my attention like that. Must have been back to last season at least.

The team as a unit was looking good too. Finally it felt right. They looked comfortable, anticipatory, with it. I think we are coming out of the longest mid-season slump ever. What a perfect time to heat up. That was such a big road win. And stacked on top of the CSU road win, I think we've got a real solid foundation for some serious confidence going into the last two games and the MWC tourney.

Keep it up fellas! REBELS!

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