09 November 2011

The Goods

See those lovely things off to the right there? What you are beholding are 16 tickets to every Runnin' Rebel home game for the 2011-12 season. I was literally glowing after I picked them up. Seriously, people said that to me, "You're glowing." Needless to say, I'm very excited about this.

I've talked about getting season tickets each of the previous two seasons, but never actually followed through, due to financial difficulties well under my control. Well this year it's over. I finally did it. A nice little bargain too. $130 for the package (the quoted price is actually $105 but they get you for another $25 on "processing" and "order" charges, whatever the hell those are supposed to be). At least they didn't try to throw in a parking charge.

Anyway, first game is this Friday the 11th at 7pm. That would be Veterans Day, which means I'm off from work. This would be an incredibly awesome opportunity to begin tailgating at 3pm in front of The Mack (and still may be, minus some of the fun because of what I'm about to tell you next) but unfortunately I'm unable to drink alcohol while on these anti-biotics. I guess it's really not an iron-clad restriction, but I don't know if it's worth the risk. Don't want to end up all drowsy with a sick stomach and miss the game. Probably for the best, as I will actually remember the game and the minutiae of the action if I remain sober. I will certainly miss that rum slushie at half-time though. Damn.

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