10 November 2011

Penn State - Idiocracy

So JoePa (as well as the university president) is fired over the child sex abuse scandal at Penn State. And the students riot. I'm really at a loss for words. Read the article that I linked to and you'll find descriptions of unruly students dancing on the tops of vehicles and describing the Board of Trustees as an "embarrassment" for making the decision to fire Mr. Paterno. It's football people. I know Joe Paterno is a legend, but we're talking about serious allegations, one of which is that Mr. Sandusky had sex with a pubescent boy, as witnessed by a graduate assistant and reported to both Mr. Paterno and the athletic director of the university. Nothing was ever reported to the police. Whether the allegations turn out to be true or not, the response exhibited by the students is just stupid in my opinion. Honestly it seems like they thought that such injustice was sufficient reason to riot, so riot they did. The kicker is the quote about the Board of Trustees being an embarrassment. What the hell is tipping over a news van, destroying private property and acting afool over the termination of a football coach by young adults who are supposed to be somewhat responsible and of sound mind? These kids are idiots.

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