07 November 2011

The Return

Dadgum, it's been a while. I'm really not too good at keeping up with this thing. Which, really, isn't all that surprising. Without any external accountability or prodding I'm wont to never do anything with any level of consistency or reliability. I deem that as a character flaw (or at least I believe that others find it to be so), a lack of discipline and resolve. It's something I really should work on. Hmmm, wonder how that will turn out. It reminds me of that line in the movie "Tin Cup" (one of my all-time favorites, by the way):

Roy: And then the unfinished symphony of Roy McAvoy.
Molly: What's unfinished?
Roy: I have a short follow-through. It has an unfinished look...
Molly: Why?
Roy: Well, some say it's the easiest way to play in the winds of west Texas...some say it's because I never finish anything in my life.

So, that be that. I'm battling a sinus infection and pink eye at the moment. Been sick for over a week, since last Sunday actually. The pink eye just kicked in last Friday. Levofloxacin and tobramycin are doing the fighting now though. I haven't been on an anti-biotic in quite sometime, but this one ain't bad. Some of them upset the stomach something fierce, but I haven't really noticed any side-effects with this one. I haven't had pink eye since the third grade probably, haha. Hopefully this will be the only illness this year...got to take better care of myself to ensure that happens.

College basketball season is now underway, and the Dave Rice era has begun for the Runnin' Rebels of UNLV. Ed and I attended the Rebels exhibition game versus Washburn last Tuesday night. Boy, what a lackluster performance that was. I was genuinely nervous in the second half as the game stayed neck and neck. The Runnin' Rebs finally pulled it together with about 10 minutes to go and stretched out the lead with some crowd pleasing throw-downs, ultimately winning the contest 58-50. The team looks promising though. We've got a lot of talent and as always, a lot of heart. The home opener is on Veterans Day against Grand Canyon. Go Rebles!

And with that, I'll let it be. Until next time.

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